Curriculum Vitae

I humbly submit a complete CV sheet for public view. This shows not just everywhere I have ever held a job in my life, but it also shows every musical and hobby project that I have taken on, and of course education and volunteer positions.


2001 – 2002
Sound Master Audio and Video Institute [(Pinnacle College) closed]
Los Angeles, CA
Certificate of Completion
Record Engineering Program
Studied under founder Brian Ingoldsby

2004 – 2007
Portland Community College
Portland, OR
Associate of Arts Degree
Asian Studies Focus Award
Philosophy Club Coordinator (2005)
Philosophy, anthropology, music, astronomy, and general studies.

2007 – 2008
Portland State University
Portland, OR
Credits Earned
Music Studies
Jazz performance on piano and drums, symphonic percussion section, music and composition theory. These credits did not fit into a program and I was not clear what degree I was pursuing.


Early 1999
Roma Café (closed)
Tucson, AZ
Reset tables, organize dishware, serve water, tea, and bread.

Late 1999 – Early 2000
Bottega Michelangelo (Michelangelo Ristorante Italiano), Tucson, AZ
Process all dishware and cookware, food prep, and cleaning.
Early 2000 – October 2000
Line Cook
Prepare pizza from scratch, appetizer plates, and salads.

November 2000 – April 2001
AMC Loews Foothills 15 (Loews Cineplex Odeon 15)
Tucson, AZ
High volume 15-screen multiplex; shift duties determined from day to day: concessions, usher, and box office.

May – September 2001
David Morse and Associates
Santa Barbara, CA
Claims Investigator
Inspect, photograph, and diagram accident scenes, interview parties involved with claims. Conduct video surveillance of claimants.

September 2001 – October 2002
Starbucks Coffee
Los Angeles, CA
Counter service and order preparation before automated espresso machines.

[Entered and graduated Sound Master Audio and Video Institute, 2001-2002]

September 2002 – March 2003
Liquid Cube (closed)
Los Angeles, CA
Counter service, order preparation, and routine cleaning.
January – March 2003
Assistant Manager
Executed routine operations including employee supervision, event scheduling/curating, shop opening/closing, and inventory management. Laid off with failure of business.

June – August 2003
The Salvation Army Thrift Store (closed)
General Staff
Receive and organize inventory in warehouse, deploy inventory to retail, organize retail shelves, open and close shop.

[Moved to Portland, Oregon]

October 2003
Chez Machin
Portland, OR
Line Cook
Solo crepe cook in exhibition kitchen; short order, standard preparation, and cleaning.

October – November 2003
Fusion Café (closed)
Portland, OR
Two jobs in one: typical bussing duties and dishwashing in solo position.

November 2003 – January 2004
Grand Central Bowl
Portland, OR
Desk Clerk
Check in customers, process lane and shoe rentals, reset pin machines, run food orders.
Laid off within a week of becoming a protected employee. Corrupt management. Reopened California unemployment claim.

[Entered Portland Community College, Winter 2004]

March – December 2004
Green Mountain Energy
Portland, OR
Sales Representative
Tabling and canvassing on behalf of the PGE renewable energy option program in partnership with Green Mountain Energy.

January – April 2005
E-Magic Marketing (closed)
Portland, OR
Survey Taker
At Lloyd Center Mall kiosk drawing folks in to watch movie trailers to be followed by a brief survey.

April 2005 – September 2006
Widmer Brothers Gasthaus Pub
Portland, OR
Dishwasher and Prep Cook
Primarily a dishwasher. Operation of sanitation machines, restock supplies, large batch food preparation when possible.

June – September 2005
Dial-a-Pizza (closed)
Portland, OR
Delivery Driver
Deliver orders with own vehicle in southeast Portland.
Quit to focus on studies.

Feb 2007 – Sep 2009
Forest Farms
Multnomah County, Oregon
Resident Farmhand
Assisted landlord with facilities maintenance, tree harvesting, gardening, animal caretaking, and landscaping, in work-trade agreement. Housesitter and miscellaneous labor here and there through 2017.

[Graduated from Portland Community College, Spring 2007]

Self-Employed (Ongoing)
I began taking odd jobs, collecting tools, leveraging available facilities and personal contacts by 2008. I have continued with self-employment either as primary or secondary income since, one form or another, ever since.

[Entered Portland State University, Fall 2008]

March – October 2015
Portland Meadows
Portland, OR
Seasonal position for historic live horse racing track now closed. Operated the second floor “Colt Club” bar.

February – November 2016
Centerplate Inc. at Providence Park
Portland, OR
VIP Server
Take food and beverage orders from VIP field level seats during MLS and NWSL games. Also worked special catering events.
February – November 2017
Suites Bartender
Operate high volume cocktail bar serving 24 premium suites, select cocktail specials for every match, and maintain bar inventory.

July – December 2018
Eastern State Penitentiary
Philadelphia, PA
Tech Crewmember
Audio specialist on tech crew. Worked on set up, operations, and strike for Terror Behind the Walls.
December 2018, April 2019
Database Tech
Entered facilities information, assets, and infrastructure into database with the FMX online platform. Helped develop protocols and strategies for staff-wide adoption.
May – October 2019
Facilities Technician
Assisted with all site maintenance related to museum presentation and operations in a supervisory capacity.

2020 Season
United States Census
Philadelphia, PA
Conduct interviews with non-responding households to enumerate vacancies and population counts with primary demographics.

CONTRACTS (Self-Employment)

Summer 2009
Doug Haning
City of Portland
Designated Mover
Doug, a friend, designated myself as his mover for a contract paid by the City of Portland to relocate him to a new location because his building had been marked structurally unsound and was slated to be razed.

April – October 2010
Certified Farm Share
Portland, OR
I have been trying to find records on this, but I was contracted by a farmer that had me deliver about a dozen crates of fresh veggies in a certified farm share, once per week on Sundays.

The Portland Mercury / Index Newspapers
Portland, OR
Delivery Driver
Managed my delivery routes in deep Southwest, and North Portland regions. Provided A+ customer service by taking back old issues, tailoring drops per vendor, counting accurate readership. Built and designed the route to maximimize efficiency and readership.

HelloTech Inc.
Los Angeles, CA
Field Technician
Specialized in home theatre installations, provided IT service for mostly elderly residential customers, and Ring security system installations.

Reliance Family Care
Painting and light repair services for apartments managed by my client for adults with developmental disabilities.


Space Shuttle, DBA
Hauling and Delivery Service
Sole Proprietor
Provided low volume delivery and moving services with a small moving van. Employed friends for labor. Discontinued due to industry regulations that would have inflated my competetive rate structure. Never finished setting up the business.

InterArts, 501(c)(3), Oregon
Arts Presenting Organization
Founder and Director
Built around the purpose of financing the annual No.Fest events, we adopted an open-ended title that would allow us to spin off numerous projects. Over six years, we produced seven large-scale events: No.Fest (2008-2011) Cathedral Park Jazz Festival (2012-2013) and MMMicrofest (2010). Dissolved due to personal exhaustion. Transferred assets to Jazz Society of Oregon, as my flagship program was the Cathedral Park Jazz Festival.

THRU Media LLC, Oregon
Online Publishing Company
Founder and Publisher
An online publication featuring original creative content, unique arts coverage, and independent views on social issues. Over three years, we published over 400 pieces, including a flagship podcast, a public television documentary, and several short videos. Additionally, we opened a public location including an art gallery and studio. The project discontinued due to weak planning and inconsistent publishing volume.


Metal; Psych
October 2004 – April 2005
Kemado Records’ Danava is a retro metal / psych rock band formed by Greg Melaney, the only constant member of the group. I was an ad hoc keyboardist for their debut west coast tour, featuring for Glass Candy in the fall of 2004. I was kept on for six more months.

History of the Future
Rock; Prog
Keyboardist, Co-songwriter
Late 2005 – Early 2006
A progressive rock project for which I played keyboards, formed cooperatively with Jason Morales, Dylan Riley, and Matty. It dissolved because Matty wanted out, but it was enjoying some early success. Musicians are flakey, what can I say?
Jason Morales, Drummer

Rainbow Kittens with Wings
Pop; Rock
Mid 2005 – Early 2008
Project formed under Anthony Thomas Schatz, featuring a kind of rock orchestra of Portland indie musicians. We produced recorded works for a theatrical production featuring developmentally disabled adults and performed live shows to benefit charitable causes.
Anthony T. Schatz, Band Leader

Pop; Electro
Keyboardist, Producer, Co-songwriter
Late 2009 – Early 2011
Featuring Kelly Slusher as frontperson, we banged out some beats on her drum machine and in about three months with a lo-fi studio in my farmhouse room, we recorded an EP entitled A Sunrise. We completed two west coast tours and played local shows for about two years.

Death Worth Living
Experimental; Ambient; Noise
Band Leader
Late 2006 – Early 2011
Improvisational music project with rotating guest players, directed by myself, performed with ensembles ranging from two to twelve musicians, collaborating with approximately two dozen players over its lifetime. Core players were Steven Schneider, Jean-Paul Jenkins, Jerry Soga, Joseph Bengry, Anthony Thomas Schatz, and Peter Bryant.

Solo or Freelance Musician
Various Genre
Keyboardist, Percussionist
Late 2007 – Ongoing
I have not thrown in the towel but I haven’t been very active since 2013. Starting with a saxophone quartet piece for which I was the conducting composer, I have worked dozens of shows as a solo artist or in an equal collaborative position with others, including Mitchel Brown, Rick Potts, Arrington De Dionyso, Jef Brown, and more.


2008 – 2011
Producer, Engineer, Host
Radio program for KBOO Portland. An overnight music program with no genre, no theme, except that every track I featured had to be one that I had yet to hear. When a prime time slot opened up, I kept the show title but changed the program into a live music program. I featured a different group of experimental musicians and players every week.

Summer 2009
One Hundred and One Hours of Innumerable Small Events (which may or may not be related to one another): A Celebration of Dada and Surrealism
An actual four and a half day vacation from regular programming on KBOO Community Radio featuring special content blocks, all themed within the ballpark of dada and surrealism. A committee of producers volunteered for original and historic radio theatre, live music, and more. The whole radio festival involved months of planning and preproduction, directed by the late Richard Francis.

Fall 2008 – Summer 2009
De Solo Luna Vox Theatrum
Based on “101 Hours,” Richard exploited a programming hole on 5th Mondays, determining he could pull five hours of fresh dada and surrealism in a content block if he teamed up with me, as my program followed his, A Different Nature.

2016 – 2017
World Wide Wall
Documentary for Public Television
Published by THRU Media and repetetive broadcast by Open Signal in the Portland Metro Region. It follows the subjects Rachel Oleson and Pablo Solares through their production of a building wide mural at The Portland Mercado, from 2014 to 2016.

2013 – 2017
THRUpoint Podcast
Interview program featuring, usually, artists discussing the state of our world. Conceived of as the Horizon at End Times podcast, but rebranded toward the end of THRU Media to align better with the brand. Guests included John Nicols with Robert McChesney, DJ Anjali and The Incredible Kid, Kyle Drake, and many more. I published about 40 episodes.


Early 2001
Mobile Meals of Southern Arizona
Tucson, AZ
Delivered four or five prepared meals, once per week, to elderly householders around central Tucson. Part of the gig was to be social and friendly.

Early – Mid 2002
Kulak’s Woodshed
Los Angeles, CA
Camera Operator
Innovative webcasting music venue with all volunteer crew, paid for by donation. I learned camera operation including the mechanical crane, and operation of the video switchboard.

Spring 2004
School House Supplies
Portland, OR
Warehouse Labor
Helped organize donated goods onto shelves so that public school teachers could easily locate items that they were looking for. A non-profit that redistributes second-hand goods specifically for public school teachers.

KBOO Community Radio
Engineer and Programmer
A keyholding member of the Engineering Committee, member of the remote broadcasting team, an instructor for digital production, board operator for several programs, especially Night of the Living Tongue, and Hole in the Bucket. As a programmer, I produced a variety of art-related specials especially for the Time-Based Arts Festival 2008-2010.

Dhamma Kunja Vipassana Center
Onalaska, WA
General Labor
As repayment for completing the 10-Day meditation course, I volunteered almost one week of labor combined between two visits to the campus. Prepared meals for 200 students three times daily, cleaned premises, and assisted with maintenance projects.

2009 – 2013
Portland, OR
Founder, Executive Director
On a volunteer basis, I wore every hat. I was the Executive Director but also every type of grunt. I wrote grant applications, bylaws, and conducted sponsorship fundraising programs. I hauled garbage, built stages, and ran for coffee. I admit that I was a humble tyrant.

Spring 2019 – Present
Tookany-Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnership
Philadelphia, PA
Clean-up and event volunteer toward the improvement of my neighborhod portion of the Tacony Creek Watershed and city park. Developing a system where neighborhoods form their own committees, each with one or more representative Creekkeepers at TTF.


KBOO’s “Boo Bash”
Holocene, Portland
Halloween Fundraiser for KBOO Portland.

No.Fest Music and Arts Fair
St. Johns Main Street, Portland, OR
Project Manager
Annual multidisiplinary main street music and art festival.

Holocene, Portland
Partnership of InterArts with Redefine Magazine
Music, Movement, and Movies, a short performance showcase of artists combining the three M’s.

Cathedral Park Jazz Festival,
Cathedral Park, Portland, OR
Project Manager
Three day, free music festival featuring regional and national jazz performances. Pioneered a main street program.

No Joke Summer Stand-Up Series
Fixin’ To Patio Lounge
Unique stand-up comedy series for an intimate crowd of maximum 35 people in a gravel patio seated in picnic benches, ideal for summer nights.


Hydrogen Gas Generation
Product Design and Installation
Designed and installed hydrogen gas generation devices for automotive air intake systems. This was an ill-fated project that actually appeared to be picking up steam. Results were conclusively positive but we underestimated barriers to entry and the longevity of the handbuilt systems.

The Point
Construction Supervisor
The headquarters for InterArts ended at this house that we called The Point. It was a commercial and residential mixed zoning property. I led a group of volunteers and contractors through the process of remodeling the two-bedroom house, upgrading electrical systems, flooring, landscaping, complete exterior and interior paint.

1977 Volkswagen Dasher
Auto Mechanic
A friend had given me his not-running, water damaged and molding Volkswagen Dasher. I carried that vehicle and halfway through a full restoration. With help from friend Doug Haning, I fully rebuilt the motor in 2016. Also rebuilt the brake system, serviced ignition, electrical, fuel injection, transaxles, emission systems, and more. It served as my daily driver until selling it in 2017.

1982 Ford F-150
Auto Mechanic
I purchased this truck in very poor but running condition. First rebuilt its carburetor so it would drive to Arizona. Worked with my uncle there, a machinist and car builder, to restore its motor. Also serviced steering components, interiors, metal decay, and more.

This is my first home and it was a functional fixer-upper. Through this I have enhanced my structural engineering principles, plumbing, electrical, adhesives, concrete, tiling, flooring, walls, and soundproofing.