At Least We All Eat Hummus

Originally published at THRU, in March 2015. I highlight this one because it is representative of my approach to dance review, and it shows a side of Israel that we don’t often see. I also really enjoyed this event. Last night, two performances were paired together for something that White Bird calls, New Israeli Voices in Dance, presented at Portland State University‚Äôs Lincoln Hall. It is part of their Uncaged program and runs through Saturday night. Both of these featured works are minimal in their…… Continue reading At Least We All Eat Hummus

A Shingle Drone

Featured Image is a Self-Portrait “A Shingle Drone” Produced winter 2012. One evening in the winter of 2012, in the hills of Shingle Springs, California, this drone piece was improvised into my mobile studio. The performers are Myself, Jean-Paul Jenkins, and Megan McIsaac. We were guests in a distraught house with no running water, just…… Continue reading A Shingle Drone

Behind the 2008 Time-Based Arts Festival

Originally aired on KBOO FM Portland, September 2008 My second ever radio special for KBOO aired on the late Julie Bernard’s Arts Focus program. It is a documentary about the 2008 Time-Based Arts Festival produced by Portland Institute for Contemporary Art. I would go on to produce special programs and blog coverage on the festival…… Continue reading Behind the 2008 Time-Based Arts Festival