Doing What You Want

Not everything in life comes as planned. You can favor your life heavily in the unexpected or try to control the events surrounding you. William S. Burroughs said that control cannot be used toward a practical end, it only leads to more control. I suppose his principle is true, that control leads to more control. […]


Robert McChesney and John Nichols Interview

It was a spring morning in 2016 and there was an omen on my path to make this interview with Robert McChesney and John Nichols, at Hotel Deluxe in Portland, Oregon. They agreed to an interview if I could meet them on their way out the door, in the lobby. I woke up in the […]


Start From Where You Are

Image of Newberry Road taken on my iPhone, January 2017. Nobody has an identical story. This applies to every human being and their finances. Even though we share a common system, currency, and world, your story is your own, so you have to start from where you are. It may be that you were born […]