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Sonny Has Got My Plan

New song! Press play right there. See it?

I have a new song! I honestly cannot remember the last piece of music that I produced, that is, an original song. I’ve improvised some ambience, and I have played or recorded music with friends quite a bit, but I can’t recall writing a song since 2014.

That one was also in July. It was also in a period of isolation and some bit of heart ache. Not so much this time, but it’s background noise, for sure. This song plays with tension and release. It just worked out that way. I didn’t overthink it and I didn’t want to put a lot of energy into it, so I’m satisfied, not thrilled with it. I mean, I like it. It’s a compelling piece of music.

After the covid stimulus came out, I bought up some studio equipment, including drum microphones. This is the first drum mic test. I jammed for about 15 minutes and found about 10 seconds worth of compelling loops for a new piece of music.

The rest came naturally, starting with the bass line, usually adding more ambient tracks, then melodic loops. The drum track doesn’t change in any way during the sections that they are looped in, so all the changes taking place are musical. I considered adding filters and cutting it up, but I felt that the rock feel I got by letting it loop was good. No quantization of any tracks. It’s very rock.

So on to the next one. I’ll probably do another ambient / drone cut next, as part of the promised series. The track I’m publishing today took a few months, but it was very piecemeal and only in the last week or two have I given it a lot of attention.

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