Welcome to my portfolio homepage. 

Please browse the pages, they are few and simple. All content was produced by yours truly, or in a collaboration otherwise credited as such.

As the publisher Thru Magazine, I am excited about the teamwork and technical chops involved with presenting a new platform to promote the arts and new worldviews. It has pushed me to develop skills as a writer, investigator, problem-solver, and web developer. The emerging challenges of marketing will be easier to overcome with the tremendous team that I am blessed to work with.

I also work freelance. The great extent of my life has been focused sound. I make music, I engineer it, and produce it. I have the know-how to make simple, beautiful WordPress sites at an extraordinarily low cost. As Publisher of Thru Magazine now and as a non-profit executive years ago, I have earned project management experience that can be applied to numerous projects of medium to large scale.