Enter the Blog

After a long but easy winter, looking east for the spring of mid-life.

My friends, strangers, and employers researching my public persona, welcome, thank you for visiting. The time has come to become the brand, as it were, in 2018, the year that millennials begin to hit mid-life. Only thing is, I just heard some Generation X friends of mine say with reference to a mutual friend making bad decisions in life, “don’t judge them, she’s only 30.”

What? Only 30. Right. Only.

How did we slide so far? Myself at the age of 35, born at the precipice of the Millennial generation, I wonder indeed how we are going to grow up in this world. We are already grown up. The youngest of our generation are now college-age. I am considering getting my Bachelors, still, to enter a proper career field by age 40. I hope that I got my kicks out already.

So, here I am with my old home website, returning to it, the motherland, where I spun off into the creation of a near-successful magazine called THRU. Here, I feel a bit freer to rant and rave. Maybe that is what I’ll end up doing. I probably should have been another shouting Youtube nut and by now I’d be the leftist Alex Jones.

Yes, I look into conspiracy theories. I am bothered that a University of Alaska, Fairbanks, proved that the NIST report concerning World Trade Tower 7 was incorrect, that it could not have collapsed due to office fires and modest impacts. I am concerned that Laura Silsby, a woman jailed for child trafficking out of Haiti and personally rescued by Bill Clinton, is now employed by the company that manages Amber Alerts.

If that doesn’t bother you, but my repeating that information bothers you, then you probably would not want me in your YouTube feed, or your coffee break station at the office. So we’ll see what happens.

Maybe I’ll start that YouTube now, because I just feel like ranting and raving, but in an earnest, thoughtful, socially progressive kind of way. On the other hand, I think I’ve been suffering from empathy fatigue, and may have lost the energy to fight.

The idea of living a relatively anonymous life and staying out of all the bullshit is starting to sound really good to me. I could fix cars, computers, electronics, furniture, houses, and so on, and just focus with my hands, and stay out of all that nonsense. When I’ve really decided to do that, to be a true taoist, then this blog will disappear.

But for now, I’m saying to the world, “Let’s try it!” Only thing is, I need to resettle. Having just moved out of Portland, Oregon, after fourteen years of magical thinking and living, I am moving back east to my ancestral roots, with the love of my life, Kate, hoping for a bright new future in the land of the rising sun.


As I write this now, I’m in Los Angeles, restoring the connection to the land of my birth. When we depart from here, traversing the greatness of the American continent, crossing state lines from ocean to ocean, we’ll dream that  American dream, entering mid-life.