About Me

This is my portfolio-blog, a place of great transparency. The process of organizing my creative and professional archive into a blog is one that squeezes between the pressures of life. It is ongoing.

The Projects menu is a portfolio. It gives an archive and snapshot of projects mostly of the past, some ongoing.

It takes a lot of time, but this is an archival project, and I still need to put together pages for Un|Herd, my radio program on KBOO (2008-2011). It doesn’t have No Joke, my summer outdoor comedy series (2011-2012). Those are just two big ones.

The Pieces section is just a blog, and it provides real-time updates on my current work, plus memoire and chronological context for all the projects.

My professional life may not be a clear track, however, when all of the work is digested and presented, you’ll see how busy I’ve been. Sometimes it surprises me, how I managed to pull so much off with so few tools for success.