This is my portfolio-blog, a place of great transparency. The process of organizing my creative and professional archive into a blog is one that squeezes between the pressures of life. It is ongoing.

The menu above is my best effort to organize and present everything. You’ll see Projects and Pieces.

The Projects menu is an ongoing effort to collect and maintain a presentation of the various major projects of my life. It gives a snapshot of those accomplishments. Some are ongoing.

Not all of my past projects are even up yet.

The Pieces section is just a blog, and it provides real-time updates on my current work, plus memoire, and just random ruminations.

The memoire aims to provide chronological context for all the projects in the portfolio. It’s all a work in progress.

Maybe I am trying to take a little pride in my work, because it hasn’t amounted to wealth or a legion of fans. But it’s meant a lot to me, and I dare say I have made an impact on many communities. You might have to dig a little to see it. But it’s here.