Acclaimed Free Music and Arts Festival in St. Johns, Portland

No.Fest is an event that I co-created in 2008 to promote experimental music and arts in my community. Through 2011, I worked as the project manager and executive director.

This project led to the creation of InterArts, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation. Under this umbrella, I would go on to manage the Cathedral Park Jazz Festival through 2013.

The No.Fest event was a clever, low-cost concept designed to boost main street economies, participation in the arts, and encourage cultural exchange. My co-founders were Chadwick Ferguson and Jeffrey Helwig.

Throughout the four iterations that I led this project, we expanded and diversified programming while achieving substantial gains in terms of fundraising and community participation.

The event was broadcast live on KBOO Community Radio every year. We published a music CD compilation in 2010 from live recordings.

Official Archived Content

As I sort out the entirety of my digital archive, I will include add content below. Here is a good start.

2008 Official KBOO Promo
2009 Official KBOO Promo
2010 Official KBOO Promo
2011 Official KBOO Promo
2010 and 2009 Official Program Covers
Venue Map inside 2009 Program Guide Booklet
CD Compilation Packaging, Both Sides

Unofficial Content