Mic Check on Drums

https://youtu.be/9Sq7ITs_UKQ Having no field recording equipment, I shopped around and settled on this Zoom iQ6 microphone for iPhone. It looks like the same microphones as the H1 field recording unit in a detached capsule that fits on the iPhone. I liked this possibility because it would improve audio on video caught by iPhone when necessary.… Continue reading Mic Check on Drums

Your Mind a Desert with Heidi Schwegler

Still from livestream on 12-2-21.

https://youtu.be/VnnG3P4NLLM Livestream by the Airstream with Heidi Heidi wants you to live in reality. She wants you to see the wonder of the world around you all the time. There is surprise in that. In surprise there is humor. Where the mind is free of pretension, it can be surprised. In all of this you… Continue reading Your Mind a Desert with Heidi Schwegler