The Not-a-Podcast Show Video

Ego and the Artist with Christian Ricketts

A talk with comedian Christian Ricketts about overcoming ego.

Memoire Music

When the Music is Over, Death is Worth Living

The improvisational music collective called Death Worth Living is at the heart of my life in Portland. I present this memoire covering a twenty year journey in music, with fourteen years in Portland, allowing the full interweaving of stories connecting dozens of musicians and artists that touched the DWL project.

The Not-a-Podcast Show

Self-Empowerment and Community with Nathan Brannon

Yesterday, I sat down in the basement with Nathan Brannon in the yard. He won Portland’s Funniest Person contest a decade ago, subsequently debuting a comedy album to Kill Rock Stars. Today, he focuses on growing food and sharing his experience on social media. The conversation moved quickly from humorous to serious, digging in the […]