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Ego and the Artist with Christian Ricketts

A talk with comedian Christian Ricketts about overcoming ego.

Talking with comedian and mystic of the world, Christian Ricketts.

Blaze Trailing with Christian Ricketts

In Portland around 2011, I looked up to Christian Ricketts. He was beloved by comedians and did well with random audiences. He knew how to run a straight comedy set to satisfy an industry room. He also knew how to surprise his own scene, his fellow comics, and give them something they wouldn’t forget.

Like many talented and sensitive artists, he hasn’t taken well to that level of admiration. He needs to run off and discover himself outside the identity of comedian. He wants to be sure his ego cannot take control over his life, especially in the unfortunate event of critical acclaim and financial success as an entertainer.

We have lived parallel lives, I suppose. Only he voluntarily curbed his ego, I’ve always had to let the universe kick the shit out of me.

Nonetheless, we might be coming back to our senses and finding success in our own ways from here out. The ego work has been huge.

That is what makes this a compelling conversation between myself and Christian Ricketts. Sometimes the trailblazer finds themselves behind the very blaze they lit.

Enjoy our talk.

2 replies on “Ego and the Artist with Christian Ricketts”

Wow, thank you for doing this, Sean. Something like 13 years ago I took a stand-up comedy class. I was so lucky, my classmates included Phil Schallberger, Whitney Streed, and Shane Torres. But my favorite comic from that class — and one of my top-ten of all time — is Christian. I have laughed so hard at his shows that my stomach hurt the next morning.

I would seriously fly to San Diego to see one of his shows. I love his originality, unique perspectives, and his presence on stage.

Really interesting video, the hour just flew by.

Thanks Kendall, you’re very sweet. Yes, I know that Christian has a number of fans to this day. I am one of them. I want to see him succeed.

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