Conspiracy Memoire Reflections

Combating Cults with Spiritual Skepticism and Jiddu Krishnamurti

Inspiration From a Cult Messiah to a Cult Survivor


Doing What You Want

Not everything in life comes as planned. You can favor your life heavily in the unexpected or try to control the events surrounding you. William S. Burroughs said that control cannot be used toward a practical end, it only leads to more control. I suppose his principle is true, that control leads to more control. […]

Reflections Writing

People Love to Talk and Animals Love to Lounge

Look at yourself from a bird’s eye view. There you are, sitting at a table for hours, just making sounds out of your throat and doing nothing in particular. You aren’t lounging, you are probably reliving past experiences, sharing stories, listening and thereby living vicariously through other people’s stories. You may be world traveling and having direct arguments with the President! From your head. We love language because it produces a more exciting reality.