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Take Me Back to Portland but Don’t Let Me Stay

I went back to Portland after more than five years to remember Shane.

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A Star in the Gutenberg Galaxy

Don Quixote and The Enchanted Twenty-First Century I finished Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes about a week ago. It took years to get through all 940 pages of this paperback Penguin classic, printed in 1952, with small type and thin pages. Something that prompted me to read it was Marshal McLuhan’s Understanding Media (1964). […]

Memoire Music

When the Music is Over, Death is Worth Living

The improvisational music collective called Death Worth Living is at the heart of my life in Portland. I present this memoire covering a twenty year journey in music, with fourteen years in Portland, allowing the full interweaving of stories connecting dozens of musicians and artists that touched the DWL project.

Memoire Radio

A Missile to the Moon?

Listen to a KBOO air check from a special morning talk program from October 2009 about the LCROSS space mission, produced by myself.

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Finding Kokesh, or, WHY DIDN’T I TAKE THE ACID?

Former Libertarian Presidential contender Adam Kokesh invited me onto his compound overnight simply because I wanted to hang out. Here is how it went.