Memoire Music

When the Music is Over, Death is Worth Living

The improvisational music collective called Death Worth Living is at the heart of my life in Portland. I present this memoire covering a twenty year journey in music, with fourteen years in Portland, allowing the full interweaving of stories connecting dozens of musicians and artists that touched the DWL project.

Memoire Radio

A Missile to the Moon?

Listen to a KBOO air check from a special morning talk program from October 2009 about the LCROSS space mission, produced by myself.

Composed Music

A Sunrise by Imra

That was me and songwriter Kelly Slusher. She since changed her name to Avaleya Kelly. We were in love so we produced a love album together. The EP entitled A Sunrise is now available here to stream via Bandcamp, but it turns out that it has been available on Spotify and Apple Music for, I […]