Hi! Welcome.

Welcome to my homepage and thanks for visiting. What I’m doing here is catching up with my history and bringing it back to you with some reflection, some humility, in a narrative portfolio. Memoire as portfolio is the approach that I’m interested in.

Until recently, I only posted blogs with brief stories about unique content, such as one radio interview, or one piece of music. I realized that this wouldn’t sufficiently utilize this platform, nor represent my work in a proper showcase.

What is new is that I am posting large portfolio projects. A page will be devoted to bigger picture stuff, like THRU Media, No.Fest, The Point, and so on. There is creativity, and catharsis in just bringing this all together, but this is a professional portfolio, so I’m building it out for to be seen by prospective employers, collaborators, and clients. I’m a fairly transparent person, you will find. If you value that, you will value me.

My story is unusual. There are many accomplishments, but it’s not a linear career by any measure. It almost looks shady, so I want to share my life experience while showcasing my work so that folks can see that I’ve worked hard and never let myself get bored. There are many failures and I would rather be honest about those than gloss my whole image up for you. Here I am.

The top header menu should navigate you throughout the complete site. The search function works pretty well also. Please understand that the site is well under construction, and there is plenty in the queue.

Thanks for visiting. Come on back, now!