The Not-a-Podcast Show Video

Political Dysphoria with Theresa Mitchell

Back from hiatus, I return with a guest who represents very much the progressive/socialist/lefty voice. She is Theresa Mitchell, whose show Press Watch was on air from 1990 until 2020 on community radio. We were colleagues at KBOO Portland. Theresa represents the ire of my conservative leaning libertarian mutuals on Twitter, representing herself as an […]

Audio Radio

Curators and Artists of T:BA Festival 2009

Guest hosting Art Focus on KBOO for a special on the 2009 Time-Based Art Festival.

Memoire Music

When the Music is Over, Death is Worth Living

The improvisational music collective called Death Worth Living is at the heart of my life in Portland. I present this memoire covering a twenty year journey in music, with fourteen years in Portland, allowing the full interweaving of stories connecting dozens of musicians and artists that touched the DWL project.

Memoire Radio

A Missile to the Moon?

Listen to a KBOO air check from a special morning talk program from October 2009 about the LCROSS space mission, produced by myself.

Memoire Writing

Through Media to the Self

What I learned launching, and landing, a media startup.