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Political Dysphoria with Theresa Mitchell

Back from hiatus, I return with a guest who represents very much the progressive/socialist/lefty voice. She is Theresa Mitchell, whose show Press Watch was on air from 1990 until 2020 on community radio. We were colleagues at KBOO Portland.

Theresa represents the ire of my conservative leaning libertarian mutuals on Twitter, representing herself as an anarch-socialist transgender woman refugee of 1960’s Texas. There was a time that I would have more or less agreed with her on all things. These days, I just try to find our common ground, as I’m lockstep with nobody.

Breezing through the topics of immigration, transgenderism, Ukraine, voting systems, and economics, we found agreeable points along each step of the way.

To keep it moving, I didn’t dwell on arguments. This conversation is not meant to satisfy anyone, only reveal that we all stand on the same ground, which is Earth, and in particular America.

Theresa cohosts a livestream with Ani Haines called This is Now: Bridge to a Better World. You can find her on Twitter @presswatch_Now.

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