Could “Intellectual Apartheid” Be a Thing?

"Ricklantis Mixup" episode of Rick and Morty where a civilization of Rick clones are ruled by a hierarchy of Ricks, despite their intellectual equivalence.

Those not watching our planet becoming a mess of conflict may be too embroiled in their own concerns to see it happening. Some people, not just social scientists, journalists, and the like, make it their personal concern to see how the world and its leaders are managing their business. If someone has been observing this… Continue reading Could “Intellectual Apartheid” Be a Thing?

Democracy and Personal Freedom in Big Finance

The upside down pyramid of Slovak Radio Building. Photo courtesy of gilb-84 on Flickr.

I am a great example of what is possible for a low-income person. Here is the short of it: I went from, at the beginning of 2017, flat broke, on food stamps, bad credit, and crashing in someone's basement for free, to...