The Not-a-Podcast Show Video

Holding it Down with Chris Neff

Interview live from the Not-a-Podcast show with comedian Chris Neff.

Live Interview Recorded June 11, 2022

It is always fun to get on a live interview with someone whose podcast I listen to, such as Cash Daddies, where I like to pick up both humor and financial information. That program is co-hosted with comedian Chris Neff.

He was the third host to come on the show. Like Lebowski’s rug, he ties the whole thing together. The other hosts are former Goldman Sachs trader and Manhattan-based comedian Howie Dewie, and Sam Tripoli, whose conspiracy podcast Tin Foil Hat remains one of my favorites.

Chris has been performing in Los Angeles for many years, sharing the stage with the best of them. Early in his life, surely he was chasing the illuminati dream, and landed himself a lucrative career in commercial acting.

With the internet era, the sort of checks put out for a relative select number of actors for television royalties eventually waned. The career dried out. And in the process of all that, he started operating a small business pretty much out of his home, which remains successful today.

As a stock trader comedian business owner, his perspective is unique and fits snug in the comedic styles of Dewie and Tripoli.

It was great chatting with him for the hour in this interview. We talk about life in Los Angeles, the markets, creative careers, and of course the biographical stuff mentioned above.

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