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Career and Karma with Emily

Emily and I discuss her career from teenage dancer to yoga instructor to renaissance woman.

Emily is a Los Angeles based yoga instructor and much more. She runs a fashion startup for athletic/dance/yoga gear. She has developed a complete internet persona that promotes her virtual teaching and coaching as well.

Despite all of these things typically associated with liberal communities, she is more conservative. She is like myself however, kind of post-liberal and definitely post-post Republican.

Libertarians are not MAGA. Sometimes they intersect, but there is a major distinction, and from my experience, they have much more alignment with the traditional liberal.

In this discussion we talk about finding our careers, loving all people and respecting a diversity of views, growing up in California, and living in communities where our views could be taken the wrong way.

Her following on Twitter @astateofEmily became a phenomenon because she was courageous enough to speak defiantly about what many of us have considered a scam these last two plus years. Like myself, we are growing there within the conservative side of things, but she being independent in thought has to take shit from all sides.

As it is becoming more typical of my approach, I tried to dig into her biography and get to know her.

Our talk is what I would call sweet. It was like getting lunch with someone new in your life. I suppose that I set that intention with the original title of the livestream.

I thank Emily for joining me on the Not-a-Podcast Show and I hope we can to work together again soon.

The easiest way to discover all of her projects is via Link Tree.

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