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Vegan Life with Sky Jack Morgan

Join myself with Sky Jack Morgan on the Not-a-Podcast Show.

Interview with vegan advocate Sky Jack Morgan

As a counter balance to my talk with Texas Slim of the Beef Initiative, also a Bitcoin advocate, I had Sky Jack Morgan, host of the Vegan! podcast, entrepreneur, and Ethereum NFT guy. Could not be a starker contrast with Slim.

My goal with The Not-a-Podcast Show is to talk to everyone about everything. It’s not easy getting liberals/progressives on the show. When I talk to Libertarians they tend to assume I fall in line with their thinking. There is hostility sometimes, but I find it gets real nasty with leftists.

There was a moment when Sky equates myself to a child molester because I eat meat. He didn’t direct that at me personally, but he sees that as a moral equivalent: molesting animals in farms. I let it roll right past me, because it’s a trap argument to get caught in.

This was a real test to see where I could find common ground. We ended the talk in good spirits and willing to keep in touch. That is success as far as I’m concerned.

We talk about the ethics of veganism, the motives and goals, while I push back on the maximalism of that lifestyle/moral choice. It’s not that I have a problem with it or want to advocate for meat. I just think we have to live and let live and support the highest ethics of whatever our choice may be.

As a coda, I made a 3-minute video chopping up three interviews, including this one, Slim, and Ross Farrier. It is a mashup that helps illuminate the argument and the common ground between us.

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