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Sex Magic with Marcus and Forest Mommy

Sex Magic special anniversary episode of The Not-a-Podcast Show.

Episode 25 of The-Not-a-Podcast Show is my first anniversary show, and it features two past guests together for the first time: Forest Mommy and Marcus.

Marcus is an expert on occult practices and Forest Mommy is something of a sex magician. I wanted to bring us together to explore the topic because I realized that there is power behind every sexual experience, whether there is any physical contact between two people or not.

Forest Mommy uses her sexual energy online to attract an audience and transmit the message of personal freedom, from coerced medical interventions to sexual choice. Marcus uses sex magic within his marriage and seeks a relationship with God.

My blog is meant for the more personal admissions and reflections about the content than lets say a purely promotional tweet. That said, my questioning had something to do with my own personal experience with someone and I wanted to understand how someone can gain a degree of control over your consciousness without having sex with you. And vice versa. Things that most of us do, like think about someone while gratifying ourselves, can make connections to people energetically or subconsciously.

I want to be more careful about this. Not only I should be aware of what that does to someone on that level, but what it does for me. The imagination is more powerful than most people would admit. To consecrate my feelings for someone in my imagination is dangerous for myself as well, as it reinforces a potentially false reality. Magic is in many ways no more than the rippling of intention.

The last thing I want to mention is the difficulty that I had keeping this interview on track. Forest Mommy admits on the show that she is pretty well drunk by the time we go live. I genuinely care for the woman whom I consider a friend and did not like seeing her in that shape for this show. On the other hand, from an objective standpoint, I was faced with interviewing a drunk person. I hope I handled it gracefully.

With the chat room involved, it is a lively episode, my production value has improved and I’m looking forward to another year of episodes to come. Get it. To come. A verb in transitive.

You can find Marcus on the Aquarian Anarchy podcast wherever you listen to podcasts. You can find Forest Mommy on YouTube where she hosts two regular occurring livestreams.

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