The Not-a-Podcast Show Video

The Middle Way with Ross Farrier

Join Ross Farrier with myself on The Not-a-Podcast Show.

The Not-a-Podcast Show with Ross Farrier

On this Not-a-Podcast Show I wanted to catch up with Ross Farrier, a vegan, Buddhist, Portland lefty, gay man, and covid vaccine denier, living in Jerome, Arizona. We knew each other in Portland, going back to at least 2006.

His identity is fluid, it was interesting to discuss the ways that he went to extremes to come back to the middle way. He was sober, but realized he wasn’t actually an addict, so sobriety wasn’t necessary. He is a vegan, but it’s more about all natural foods than anti-meat eating. His non-oil diet is interesting.

It is good to go through a journey with others, with respect to their lifestyle choices in this new world in which all things are possible, despite the appearance of so many limiting economic and social beliefs coming from within and without. The retreat to country is smart to me and something I am working toward while enjoying the fruits of city living now.

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