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Running the Numbers with Nicco Augustave

Join Nicco Augustave for a talk on numerology, and the season ending episode of The Not-a-Podcast Show.

Joining for the last Not-a-Podcast Show of what I’m in hindsight calling Season One is Nicco Augustave. He is a co-host of the Aquarian Anarchy podcast and a young numerologist, tarot reader, and astrologer.

I emphasize that he is young because it takes many years for people to become masters of these arts, not just from practice but from life experience. He is humble to this fact.

Still, I wanted to bring him on because I’m interested in doing more purposeful, thematic episodes, especially with past guests. It takes at least an hour to get to know someone, so my first interview with someone will be most about their life and perspective.

Nicco was one of my first guests, before I decided that one hour was going to be the format for Not-a-Podcast Show (before I had a title for the stream), and we talked for more than two hours.

In this hour, I attempt to draw out the basics of numerology with Nicco and reveal the ways that numbers become synchronicity, and how to live without becoming obsessed with it.

One takeaway is that I need to prepare a little more for episodes like this. We did our best but we both left feeling like the narrative got away from us. We talked about doing it again and bringing a third guest.

I like Nicco, he’s an earnest, genuine young man exploring his consciousness, steadfast in his ethics, taking an unorthodox path in life against the grains of social norms. Respect.

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