Spring/Summer 2023 Photo Collection

I am woefully behind. It’s almost winter and here comes the spring and summer photo collection. Truth is I posted a while ago to Instagram. It’s unfortunate how a super massive conglomerate surveillance software brand like Meta can get us all to prioritize Instagram instead of privately hosted blogs, but they did a good job of building soviet-style blocks that everyone could move into.

But, perhaps that I am so busy is a testament to the future. We can only hope. Actually, my photography schedule has slowed. I had my best paying gig thanks to Moodio Studios this year, but aside from that, I’ve mostly focused on shooting a documentary and getting product photos for Held Gear.

Given all the time of the day to pursue only what I want, I’d for sure be shooting a documentary all the time, plus enjoying special photo sessions and field trips.

Providing photography as a service can be a lucrative career, but it’s very competitive, and everyone has to find their niche. That should come naturally but with consideration to the particular talents they have. To evolve from a $1,000 camera rig into the $3,000+ you need just to do standard event photography is a hill to climb.

I am still using the Panasonic Lumix G-85, with the 42mm f1.7 lens, and the standard issue 14-45mm f3.5 lens. I love the 42 but it’s very specific in its appearance and focus range. It’s not versatile. The latter is too dark, too grainy, does pretty well with video but still needs more light than most stages and indoor events can offer.

I have worked around numerous photographers lately and they have these marvelous leather harnesses now that give them two cameras and multiple lenses and tools at the ready, and the weight is evenly distributed across their back and shoulders. I think I should build one for myself as a prototype and sell them as a durable vegan alternative. Held Gear is equipped for it.

The love for photography began when I was a kid, I just never invested into it. I have now been doing this fairly seriously since last summer, and what you see in this collection brings you up to one year of progress.


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