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Quincy Johnson

Join truck driver and Twitter personality Quincy Johnson on The Not-a-Podcast Show.

I Would Drive Five Hundred Thousand Miles

To kick myself up and find some steam for The Not-a-Podcast Show, I thought Quincy Johnson would be a good guest. He lives to demonstrate that it’s possible for anyone to take their life and make the very most of it.

Neither of us planned for a certain docking situation to go sideways and throw off the first stream. That was Tuesday this week. But we jumped in anyway and started getting into it. A couple of Twitter mutuals jumped into the chat as well.

Streamed Tuesday, August 1 2023

We came back Thursday and I just let it run. This time he was in a quiet location, his day off, and we could get relax.

Streamed Thursday, August 3, 2023

Most days, with Twitter being his social media of choice, you will find updates from the road, daily exercise routines from the truck or the gym, cigars, steaks, as well as more mundane things from a man who drives constantly and whose community is online.

He’s pushed an income that is on the high end for employee truck drivers. He drives well more than 100,000 miles to earn $100,000 per year. Considering he is living affordably, if drives 500,000 miles, then he might have earned and invested enough to semi-retire.

We casually discuss these things as well as other topics like the Hotep Nation, dating women, Detroit, Killdozer, the awkward relationship with patriotism, and stuff.

Find him on Twitter @NotABBWLover.

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