Electronic Music

Sonny Has Got My Plan

I have a new song! I honestly cannot remember the last piece of music that I produced, that is, an original song. I’ve improvised some ambience, and I have played or recorded music with friends quite a bit, but I can’t recall writing a song since 2014. That one was also in July. It was […]

Improvised Music

Drone for Rudy

Above you can hear my latest ambient piece. Inspired recently by a 15-hour Tidal playlist called Autopilot, I realized that I have always loved the ambient genre and particularly find drones to be of utmost value in terms of intellectual concentration. I meditate in silence, but if there is a genre suited to help with […]

Conspiracy Memoire Reflections

Combating Cults with Spiritual Skepticism and Jiddu Krishnamurti

Taking the Self Off the Cross Do things happen in life for a reason, or do we apply reason to chaos? If we have the endowment of reason, do we stand alone with this power? If we are not alone, do we stand below a higher power? My consciousness feels timeless although I know my […]

Humor Video

Sean Does Not Conduct an Interview

Several years ago, we almost started a new series of videos inspired by Between Two Ferns, but the idea was that I’m couch surfing and interviewing artists at their home, preferably squeezed into a space not hospitable to an interview. As of posting this, the world is being instructed to stay six feet apart from […]

Memoire Writing

Rebuilding Rudy

About my intimate relationship with a Volkswagen. Auto mechanical talents run through my genetic code almost as consistently as big noses. My father’s side comes from the Oil City area of Pennsylvania, so named for being the epicenter of the oil boom in America. My mother was born in Detroit. We are always one degree […]