The Not-a-Podcast Show Video

A Hot Flow with Madison

Join Madison and myself for a yoga lesson.

Madison is a new yoga instructor based in Orlando, Florida. Her practice has become a core aspect of her life and she will very likely make it a larger aspect of her livelihood. We met through an online community.

Over the last seven months, we’ve developed a long distance friendship, and she is truly an honest person, logical and compassionate at once. She prefers not to discuss topics or expose more details about her personal life than what I’ve given, at this point. Maybe another time.

I ain’t gonna lie. This was a tough session. I turned off my AC because on a summer evening it converts into a hot yoga room in no time, but actually because I was afraid of the noise in the background.

I was correct. And I needed to mix my mic down, but not turn it off. To hear the breath of the student is a good thing, if they are breathing well. I am pretty good. The big problem I had was mic quality. It was atrocious.

I apologize for the audio on this video.

However, if you can get used to it and follow Madison’s lead, then we have provided a valuable document. You can come back to this and master the lesson. I haven’t yet, but I plan on it. Of course, I learned from it, and she offered pointers after the session.

Again, it is a tough session. I am an intermediate yogi and I fell apart on the last pose. Part of that is trying to do this with bad perspective to the computer and her camera I guess was mirrored, but really, she brings a complex series of poses together with a lot of double work.

She said that I wanted a power workout but I never actually said that. This is my blog and I’m going to say my side. I told her what I have learned and stressed that she do what she does, no more. When she rehearsed this flow, she told me it went fast and easy. So that’s a lesson as a teacher.

I love to learn and I am willing to air my mistakes. This blog is all about that.

I hope you enjoy it.

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