Improvised Music

A Shingle Drone

Featured Image is a Self-Portrait

“A Shingle Drone” Produced winter 2012.

One evening in the winter of 2012, in the hills of Shingle Springs, California, this drone piece was improvised into my mobile studio. The performers are Myself, Jean-Paul Jenkins, and Megan McIsaac. We were guests in a distraught house with no running water, just electricity, and scant mobile coverage. This piece speaks to that. We had honestly been pushing for recordings with too much headiness. Too much ambition. This one happened naturally.

It’s almost twenty minutes in length, and the arch it takes on is only accessible in real-time. It works great for sitting down and reading a book, doing yoga, and stuff like that.

Instruments involved in this recording include Arp Odyssey Mk2, electric guitar, autoharp, pedal electronics, and Ableton Live.

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