Bike Tour: Tacony Creek

See the near complete bike route through Tacony Creek Park in Philadelphia, 2019.

Join me on a late August sunny morning ride through Philadelphia’s Tacony Creek Park. It is no secret that I live somewhere along this long stretch of forested public watershed.

I am a volunteer in the effort to revive this wonderful public resource. I bought my first home along this creek. Moreover, I appreciate the great tradition of public green space that Philadelphia has pioneered over the course of three hundred years. This park is about one hundred years old.

Additionally, my aim is to cover all four major watersheds in Philadelphia: Pennypack, Cobbs, and Wissahickon. These flow into our great rivers, the Schuylkill and Delaware.

Another goal of these videos is to tap into the growing market for stationary exercise content. Think of this as a Poor Man’s Peloton. If I could map out the terrain and input that into a 5-mile ride and sync it with my video, I would.

Starting where I am, we have a shaky video without image stabilization, but you still get a good sense of the complete bike path running along Tacony Creek. I could advance this with shock absorption and a second GoPro mounted to my helmet. A third camera on the back of the bike would make it a complete multicam editing project that would allow for much better views of the parks. If I had an extra $300, I could make it happen. We’ll see.

Also, I threw my own music in there because Free Music Archive was down. It has changed hands. I hope to continue to utilize it for my video projects in the future. And I hope to start composing new music very soon. Music studio is in the works.

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Very cool video. Thanks for helping let people know these beautiful green spaces exist in their neighborhoods. If you do make a Pennypack video, please let us know. Pennypack on the Delaware Park is part of Riverfront North, an 11-mile greenway of parks and trails along the Delaware River from Port Richmond to Torresdale in the process of being built. For more info on the Delaware Riverfront Trails go to

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. Definitely going to hit all the creeks. I’d really like to make this a multi-cam video, but I would need to fundraise for the upgrade.

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