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Hanging Out with Sam Tripoli

Listen to me with Sam Tripoli on the Tin Foil Hat Patreon podcast.

Life has been a truly winding road. There is some sense of validation that the struggles and the ego busting that I’ve been going through over the last year has a purpose. I found myself out of nowhere joining comedian and podcast factory Sam Tripoli for a chat. I had emailed him before, and tweeted with him, but I’m also just one bee in the swarm of many thousand of fans.

I have been listening to his most successful show Tin Foil Hat Podcast, since 2016. It was easy to talk with him because I know exactly how his patterns and style work. He doesn’t know me but I already relate to him as I would a friend that I’ve spent many hours with. Kind of weird.

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Sam’s appearance at Helium Comedy Club was scheduled just before the second lock down in Philadelphia, in between two trips to Michigan visiting my grandfather, who died with Covid while I was there. Knowing I was going back for a funeral, I was dead set on having fun at that comedy show. I did quite a bit of drinking that night.

The outside meet and greet was cool. I was drunkenly excited and in an emotional place, kind of manic, and I started talking about Scientology. He invited me to his Patreon show on the spot.

Just over a week later, already back again from the funeral, we were on a video chat. Both of us were prone to meandering, and even though it is was fun, I couldn’t seem to guide the conversation in the direction that I wanted it to go with Scientology.

I also wanted to reveal my theory as to what happened to my grandfather from PCR testing to hospital treatment conditions. That is kind of a big can of worms that I am reluctant to open up and I’m glad we didn’t.

We didn’t really get to the Scientology stuff, so he invited me on to Zero, the spirituality show on Rokfin.

We scheduled the show and I paced my day around the nighttime hour that we planned, but then he changed it all of the sudden when I was just sitting down for dinner. I almost postponed, because I had to eat and then get all of my stuff set up: microphone, stand, laptop, etc. But I got it together and rushed into the meeting.

We start by talking about Scientology and then we end up going a few directions including the article that was fresh on my mind “The Tool of Predictive Purification,” in which I argue that the rock band Tool is an agent of the alliance to awaken consciousness against the force that seeks to control it.

The show was good, he repeated off the air that I “crushed it,” thanked me for making it work, but ended up using it for his Patreon again. That was disappointing but I trust it is for the best.

I never got to see the video for these because I didn’t have a Patreon account and they don’t keep videos over the long term. I support my podcasts in a different way, like going to the comedy shows in a pandemic and using promo codes for CBD. I joined only to grab a screenshot for my post. I was at least able to download the audio.

If you want to hear the archived audio, you can join Patreon and subscribe to the Tin Foil Hat Podcast and search my name. Or you can listen to them right here (don’t tell Sam). Just click for the first one, and for the second one.

I never took screenshots or pictures in person, so that is what I got. We might do it again, but nothing has been planned.

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