Improvised Music

New Synth Jam


Please enjoy the dusty electronic noise produced herein. Dusty from sitting inside its case for five years, and performed by a dusty player. I could not remember how to do things I used to readily perform. Additionally, I cut myself off from music during this time that I’ve been writing about lately, moving to Philadelphia and squaring off my financial basis for the first time in my adult life.

I think this track proves that I haven’t gone soft. I still got the guts of the experimental, improvising musician in me. And it feels so good to just produce something. I don’t care how many mistakes I made in the process — the piece is kind about that.

At this point, I have a secure home music studio that I can use 24/7. I can afford at least an hour per day on average to work on music. I still have work to do in the studio, to make it a functional studio. This piece is just the maiden voyage. It’s going to get so much better.

Performed with an ARP Odyssey mk2 vintage, and Logic Studio instruments.

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