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Sean Does Not Conduct an Interview

Satirical Interview About a Satirical Film

Several years ago, we almost started a new series of videos inspired by Between Two Ferns, but the idea was that I’m couch surfing and interviewing artists at their home, preferably squeezed into a space not hospitable to an interview.

As of posting this, the world is being instructed to stay six feet apart from everyone. That makes this particularly nice to watch right now.

We produced this start to finish in one night, over beers, giving an authentic touch to the skittish editing. We did it with just two cameras and one lamp.

Estevan and Nicholas Munoz are a talented pair of dudes. They both still live and work in Portland. Nicholas is a comedian. Este wanted to be a filmmaker, but now he’s all in as a rapper, going by Chaz Matador. This however suits his other interests: Writing and Comedy. I met him because he was interested in writing for THRU Media. He joined up as an early “staff” writer and helped produce our Indiegogo video.

Watching this now, I think we discovered a good concept, but it was just the context of the moment. It was easy to perform, because back then, I was actually housing insecure, living the starving dirtbag artist lifestyle while posing as this sophisticated media guy. It could have been funny, each time finding a new way to crash at my guests’ house — like the only reason I’m doing this is to find a new couch to crash on.

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