Stillness in Change

This is the most recent electronic music composition that I can stand by as a serious, and completed, effort.

Composed July 2014 at the Penthouse

This was my first effort to produce with Reason 7. I had not used Reason since version 4, when a complete DAW, such as Logic or Pro Tools, was required for live audio capture. My ARP Odyssey Mk2 original was also used for some ambience and harmonies. Most of this music was built out of Reason instruments and plug-ins.

The backdrop to the process would be a bare bones studio in my 8th floor corner apartment. This was the northwest corner penthouse of the Lafayette building in southwest Portland. It was the week of July 4, 2014. It’s a 1929 building, there is no air conditioning. The light and the wind poured through the windows while the sun baked the concrete walls 100 feet closer to the sun than everyone on the ground (not that it matters, it just feels astronomically closer to the sun when you’re above all building-provided shade).

The style of the music is influenced by minimalism and very specifically I was learning about Portico Quartet. The mood of the song is influenced by heartbreak. It is the attempt to find comfort in oneself, one’s position when perhaps things are difficult in life or you’re alone. The song has a heartbeat while it seems to go through tumultuous change.

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