The Not-a-Podcast Show Video

Trucking Through Life with Alpaca Shakur

Live chat time with Quincy Johnson aka Alpaca Shakur, a man of total authenticity, he is in the act of remaking himself and inspiring others via Twitter, where he is an outlaw.

Livestream talk with Quincy Johnson aka Alpaca Shakur

Back from hiatus on the livestream front, Quincy Johnson aka Alpaca Shakur joined me for a chat. He stood outside in the cold and talked on his phone, showing the grit of a Colorado trucker.

We became Twitter mutuals a while back, then I saw him on a couple of my other mutuals livestreams. Then he put out a video of himself doing push-ups naked, so I decided to bring him on, because he is the utmost example of authenticity.

He’s improving his life. He’s buckling down. We talk about what that means to him, and a lot more.

I look forward to talking again.

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