The Not-a-Podcast Show Video

Turning Inside Out with Matchewey and Rasterot

Livestream interview with Rasterot and Matchewey on their new album Apathy and Irene.

My friend Micah asked me to put his nephew on my livestream. He just dropped an album on streaming services with his collaborator Rasterot. It is called Apathy and Irene.

Meeting online, Matchewey from remote Washington, Rasterot from Oklahoma, they naturally allied over shared values and experiences. They have embarked on producing new albums together and this, they say, is only the tip of the iceberg.

The music is visionary, non-conforming, and has the feel of young new artists just cutting their teeth. It turns out however that we’re all about the same age.

They both come from hard rock and metal. That makes sense given the aesthetic of the album cover. Electronic production and rap are new to them, both the result of living in the pandemic.

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