What Would We Do Without the Flat Earthers?

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Ball

I decided that I would look seriously at flat earth theory.

When I say seriously, I mean that I am genuinely willing to stand on a plane, and not a spinning ball, if the truth of it becomes obvious. 

As a conspiracy enthusiast, I have already had plenty of exposure to the flat earth idea. There was a minute there on YouTube when the flat earth had its heyday. I watched a couple of them, but like everyone, I’ve been educated already. I’ve been looking at globes forever. It seems to me that the science is in: Earth is a globe.

However, I am willing to entertain the possibility that we are living on a plane that is encased by an ice wall, protected by a dome, while the sun and moon transit across the sky under the dome.

I notice that spheres are observable in the structure of our physical universe from the planet to the molecule. I have subscribed to the holographic universe idea. Every part contains the whole.

Then maybe it is all a simulation.

It is important that I accept what I don’t know.

More important than standing on a globe is living in reality. If “A” is not “B” then I should not refer to B as A. That’s all I try to live by, straight forward logic. I only know what is obvious.

The ways that we (the average people) use our limited exposure to science to develop a belief system is striking. I think of it as scientism, not science.

Science is the art of disproving theory. It is the craft of truth seeking. It is total deconstruction.

Belief is a tool of free will. If you are a scientist and you believe your theory is the truth, it will be your belief that carries you like a raft between the shores of uncertainty and truth.

When the truth is exposed through science that the theory is incorrect, the scientist will be better to throw their belief away and find a new theory.

Our belief systems have historically turned to religion. It doesn’t need straightforward causal logic. The thing is that people haven’t changed. Now we just find the supernatural with science.

Science-fiction film and books are expressions of philosophy — lets not forget that I was raised in a religion founded by a science fiction writer — and the edicts of our physical world are passed down by the hierarchy of science academia.

In this world, we are ruled by the theory of relativity, because Einstein is our Buddha. Perspective is relative. Truth itself became relative.

We have only been literate for about 500 years. The printing press modernized the world. It made literacy universal. Universal literacy means not one person holds the power of knowledge over another. The onus is on ourselves to become educated. 

The La Cosa Chart, World Map Circa 1500

Notably in the arch of history are the religious and philosophical awakenings from the period of the printing press into the electric era. It makes me wonder exactly what are the changes to consciousness in the height of the electric era? Who are we now in the space age?

The church conspiracy was to maintain the idea of the earth as the center of the universe. Putting earth off-center in the universe denies a creator. Physicists today use their advanced mathematics in their attempts to resolve this technical problem of a creator.

The so-called big bang theory is the most successful example of creationist modeling. The universe is created by a singularity — a single act of creation. Today, theories of a multiverse are replacing that model.

Perhaps the idea of a globe goes against our first impressions. It is generally easier to relate to our world as a flat plane. The globe had to be discovered. While everything seems flat, someone noticed issues with that and figured it to be round.

Long before Copernicus and Galileo, and before Christ, there was Erathosthenes, whose experiment resolved the problem of flat versus round elegantly, by measuring two shadows. Wherever there is no shadow at noon on summer solstice, that is the equator. The degrees of the shadow are measured against the stick in the ground and the circumference is determined from that straightforward data.

Copernican Model of the Solar System

The flat earther would model the same shadows on a table using an overhead light and call it good. And I don’t know how to argue it.

It isn’t much, but I did take Astronomy in college. It was a full year through the physics department. We did foundational experiments. We used basic algebra, but the ideas, and the fundamental science sure look to corroborate the conclusions of a globe, in a system that is moving together through space in relative motion along with the whole expanding universe.

Even though we don’t have all the answers, for example, how the moon was created (or how creation was created) I always felt that modern physics gave us the what, where, and when of reality. The who and the why of the universe becomes a matter of philosophy and mysticism.

Being mystically inclined, I don’t mind the creator being a mystery. I would rather bask in the mystery and the glory of the realm, the earth, than claim to know who gave it to us.

This is a misleading model out of context of the galaxy.

The proof in the pudding in the physics of the globe are supposed to be proven in the fact of space travel. This is where flat earthers get to be very difficult, because they flatly deny that space exists as we are told it does. It takes the notion that the moon landing was faked — a credible conspiracy theory — and extends that to say that virtually everything that all the world’s space agencies have done is fake.

The reason I wanted to look honestly at flat earth theory stems from the fact that whenever I see a flat earth debate, the person married to the ball is usually stumped. It shows the weakness of accepting reality without studying it for yourself.

Flat earthers are prepared, for a few reasons. First, they are looking at the world with a new lens, with fresh eyes, so it is exciting for them. Secondly, they are on the defense against ostracism. Third, they will get the same five arguments off the bat, and if they can defend those, and bring five more, they will have the average person who hasn’t performed a single astronomy experiment in their life stumped.

You will never see a flat earth theorist debate Neil deGrasse Tyson in public. I would love to see it! I love seeing ideas clash. I like seeing things proven beyond a doubt against a well put argument.

The assumptions and the facts that we take for granted are not unlike the religious folk around the time of Copernicus. We accept the scientist like we used to accept the priest. And we follow the dogma creating our own personal versions of scientism because we are mostly scientifically illiterate.

In the time when people were fully illiterate, the church could say whatever they wanted. They could fabricate reality for people. There were those who were literate, and those who followed them. The Literati were all in on the deception of masses.

If history repeats itself, and the truth is that there is a flat earth under a dome, then the globe is the greatest hoax of all time.

If it is, then they shoved it in our face. Look at the United Nations logo. It is a flat earth model wrapped by what kind of reminds me of an ice wall, just like the flat earthers say it is! Lol

Official United Nations Logo

Jiu-Jitsu master and comedian Eddie Bravo is probably the most famous flat earther. He is a regular on the Tin Foil Hat podcast hosted by Sam Tripoli. A couple of weeks ago, Bravo hosted a debate on the topic, including one of the most prominent flat earth content creators, David Weiss. His opponent was a guy named Frank, a friend of Bravo, who is a bona fide scientist, specifically a molecular biologist.

Eddie also had his own jiu-jitsu master Carlos Machado on the show — who brought on his mechanic friend — but they weren’t necessary, they became the excess cooks in the kitchen. It was a sausage fest, if you like. The show was jumbled by arguments. It got to be a mess. 

Weiss had two bitcoin, he claimed, ready to give up if someone could stump him. But it never happened. Flat earth theory basically won that debate. By the end of the show, after Weiss bailed, it seemed that they were more focused on the reasons that NASA would fake space.

So I took the red pill and went down the space rabbit hole again, starting with flat earth.

It takes real mental fortitude to suspend knowledge to invite into your mind any far out ideas that could ostracize you from society. Especially to do it in a detached, honest way.

The intellectual workout that happens there is that you can suspend knowledge, and you don’t have to accept what you’ve learned.

To even be willing to get into flat earth content, you have to be able to handle the notion that everything you’ve been told is designed to fool you. We know from history that humanity and its power structures are more than willing to employ this method of control. The only thing is, what is the degree to which they are willing to fool you? This is where the ground of your existence, your sense of security can drop out.

To replace your reality with flat earth theory is dangerous. It reminds me of people who were bleeding heart liberal democrats for twenty years to suddenly wake up to a new reality where republicans are the real people, the good ones, and all those years they were deceived, but the opposite team just so happens to be the true party. This is farcical. It should be obvious when you see the deception in one political party that the other is up to the same no good. But many people have to repeat the exact same process of disillusionment.

Although I will include some content for you to look at for yourself below, this blog post is not about comparing the evidence or debunking anybody. I am offering my appreciation for anybody willing to challenge even our most fundamental ideas.

Thank god for the flat earthers, because they force you to check your reality, to study up on your facts, to risk uncertainty for truth. In the end, you possess a more resilient intellect.

Scientism is the eagerness to prove things with science explanations, to take scattershot facts and assemble them into narratives, like I do with my holographic simulation theory. So I don’t get angry if someone believes the earth is flat.

Incidentally, space has been in the news quite a lot in the last few years. Billionaire executives Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos both rode test flights toward the project of offering travel services for millionaires who will begin taking rides to space as tourists.

I believe it will also result in high speed international travel. Flying altitudes will become normalized over 100,000 feet, and old school planes will be looked at like Greyhound buses. Maybe Greyhound will absorb a piece of the flailing suborbital flight industry.

I want to see a flat earther hitch a ride with Virgin Galactic with their own flat lens camera. It would be great publicity to have Eddie Bravo on board that ship.

The privatized space race began over a decade ago when Obama privatized the space program, when SpaceX was a fledgling company and Elon Musk was far from a household name. I did a radio program about this — I need to find it in my archive and repost it here.

The rubber will meet the road soon. I want all the flat earthers to ride those ships.

I personally want to see the earth from above. I will be staring into that horizon with the intensity of a scientist in that moment. Momentarily weightlessness will be fun, but seeing the curvature — or the plane — for myself will be thrilling.

The more that we venture into space, the more of the truth of our physical universe will come out. I will live today in awe of what I don’t know and what future generations may take for granted.

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