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World Wide Wall

A short documentary follows two artists installing a mural at The Portland Mercado.

Watch World Wide Wall (2016)

World Wide Wall is the title we used for this 2016 documentary for television. It was suggested by Producer Kathleen Dolan, the individual responsible for culling this whole project together, under our brand THRU Media.

We have a billboard sized mural that brings together two continents and two artists, Pablo Solares and Rachel Oleson. Obviously it’s a play on world wide web, but it is also a wall that brings down cultural divisions — not unlike the internet.

Nobody made a dime on this, by the way. We spent nothing also. It was put into regular rotation on Portland public access network Signal, and has been available on YouTube for free. We did not have the budget available to market this as a film, therefore we didn’t take the time to perfect it.

I do have some considerations toward editing this again, tightening it up by a few minutes, basically just getting my editing chops back, so that I can bravely take on another documentary. My credit for this is Editor.

I was fortunate enough to be given a well-prepared batch of video from Videography Forrest Brennan. He is kind of the genius behind this. Kate and I showed enthusiasm, and without much experience, I’d say we punched above our weight class. Forrest was already a journalist by education and videographer by trade, but he also did a great job. He has a good intuition.

The reason I became editor however is that Forrest was too busy to edit and I wasn’t happy with his first cut. It was only roughly six minutes and I felt he did a disservice to his own narrative. I still think he was trying to save time because he had already volunteered a tremendous amount of time and value. So I took a chance on my own edit. It became my full-time job for longer than I expected. Worth it.

Because I was so engrossed in the process and did not take time to accept reviews from colleagues before publishing, I can see finally that my cuts need some work. Nonetheless, I am proud of it. We are all proud of it.

Please enjoy World Wide Wall.

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