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Guest Appearance on Aquarian Anarchy

Watch my Sunday, January 23rd appearance on the Aquarian Anarchy podcast and livestream, with commentary.

The guys over at Aquarian Anarchy, whose roster of guests include the leaders from the anarchy, hotep, and libertarian communities, were gracious enough to have me on last week.

Two of the three hosts of the show were guests previously on my livestreams. They are very open people and believe in taking a chance on building relationships.

Liberty through leftism is what they wanted to focus on. To most of my community, I have become alt-right. To these guys, I am still a lefty.

I had to concede that I am more of a civil libertarian decentralist. This means that I have not concluded that the federal government is inherently a bad construction, as it can levy power in a decentralized way toward freedom in the fifty state system.

I believe the federal government should be reduced to where local communities are self-determined, and the federal government is there to protect that.

We argue about secession, which I find to be a dangerous move.

We relax and talk about music, stuff like that. For a two-hour podcast, I think this one is compelling and entertaining, and reviews many of the most important issues surrounding us.

There was a little stuff that I didn’t choose to argue. I am sure that my social justice friends will be appalled by one or two statements here, but I am not defending anybody. My own views are unsettled sometimes anyway.

As a civil libertarian decentralist, I want everyone’s rights to be respected. I don’t have to understand someone to respect them. Minding my business and taking care of my own, this is the ethic that outlives all liberal and leftist mores.

Where pure anarchists I believe go wrong is that they forget that we are the world and the world is us i.e. the state. Leftists also play into a victim mentality, forgetting that they have agency over themselves but not others, and so the government isn’t meant to protect and save us. The only people who seem to realize they are the state are the state is them are ones taking advantage of it. The real victory, to me, is flipping this mindset in America.

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