Improvised Music

OHS Pieces Volume Two

Listen to the second volume of free jazz releases featuring myself with Doug Haning and Jerry Soga.

This is the second installment of three albums by Ongley Haning and Soga. As previously discussed, this music was a long time coming. The third volume is finished, I’m just staging it with some hope it might get a tiny bit more attention that way.

My love for free jazz, even though it is often ugly and clumsy, remains steady. This trio is gritty. Jerry never learned music. He couldn’t play traditional music if you asked him to. He only knows how to do what he does. I struggle with music. I always had many interests, like Doug, so this music is more heart that training. There are thousands of hours of playing and listening behind this music. It is definitely art.

This is anarchy. It is peaceful congregation. It is cooperative. It is better than democracy. It is love. We all get to be truly ourselves here.

Please listen and consider purchasing a copy. Thanks.

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