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OHS Sessions Volume One

In 2017, when I had settled into the THRU Media studio, I began to host music sessions of my own for the first time in years. I asked my friends Jerry Soga and Doug Haning to come over and do some good old “free jazz” with me.

Jerry played acoustic bass. Doug played reed instruments, and a little bit of electric piano. I played drums. We didn’t have a band name, I just wanted to produce some sessions. In the end, I have called it Ongley, Haning, and Soga (OHS).

Each volume consists of two sessions. Each session was combed through for pieces that could be recognized as having an organic start and end point. Each piece was labeled by sequence: sessions 1-6, cuts 1-xx.

After isolating those cuts, I mixed and mastered them. Once I had the complete sessions, I listened through all five and a half hours of content to slim it down by half.

The result is three volumes in diminishing length. The first is out now and the remaining are being staged for monthly release.

It is interesting to hear how we progress over those sessions. By the end, we have a band with a certain kind of sound. My drumming tightened up, but it’s still sloppy, and difficult because we play outside of time. Sometimes we are united by tempo and rhythm, sometimes we each have a different sense of it, but we’re always listening.

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