The Not-a-Podcast Show Video

In the Psych Ward with Joe Nami

In discussion about the madness with NYC comedian Joe Nami, in my third installment of a new livestream series.

Peering Into the Darkness with Joe Nami

While the thousands of fans of Joe and myself waited patiently on Twitter for our long anticipated talk, the two of us were bemused with the lack of a microphone signal. But alas we got through it and still had another hour to talk, and the clamoring audience joined us.

We start with his trip to the psych ward. We don’t linger there because I wanted to get to the root of his madness. We take all kinds of deviations into topics like JFK, the tragedy at Astro World, Dave Chappelle, Dune, and mushrooms. Of course we talk a lot about comedy.

This was my third installment of the livestream series, setting the groundwork for a forthcoming podcast.

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