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The Spiritual Foundation of Anarchism with Marcus of Aquarian Anarchy

Talked with Marcus from the Aquarian Anarchy podcast about his background with magic and how it informs his spirituality which in turns informs his anarchism.

Livestream with Marcus

Two episodes into my livestream series and I’m pleased to be talking with the creator of the Aquarian Anarchy podcast, which I have been tuning into for several months.

I first noticed that Marcus used the heptagram as part of the branding for his podcast. And then I noticed that he sometimes brought up Aleister Crowley on the show. This was a red flag for me, that guy is a troublesome character. I was able to directly ask him about it and challenge the credibility of Crowley without disrespecting my guest.

This launched a discussion that established a spiritual foundation for anarchism and I would say it was never dull. We had a good conversation and in fact it continued off the air.

I appreciate Marcus for joining me and boosting my signal. I don’t believe it will be the last time we talk.

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