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Mic Check on Drums

A simple demonstration of the Zoom iQ6 microphone on a drum set.

Having no field recording equipment, I shopped around and settled on this Zoom iQ6 microphone for iPhone. It looks like the same microphones as the H1 field recording unit in a detached capsule that fits on the iPhone.

I liked this possibility because it would improve audio on video caught by iPhone when necessary. The app that comes with it records in Wav format, so I get lossless audio. I found an open box unit on eBay and saved $40 compared to the Zoom H1.

To test the quality on drums, I set it up on a tripod, and decided to make a video of it for the public. The result is this video right here. No big deal, I play the drums okay.

For anyone considering buying the microphone, I do believe this video gives them something to judge it by, and I hope that is helpful.

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