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Your Mind a Desert with Heidi Schwegler

Artist educator Heidi Schwegler talks with me about her new life in Yucca Valley living in an airstream and running a materials lab.

Livestream by the Airstream with Heidi

Heidi wants you to live in reality. She wants you to see the wonder of the world around you all the time. There is surprise in that. In surprise there is humor. Where the mind is free of pretension, it can be surprised. In all of this you have joy. So it is fitting she moved to the desert of Yucca Valley, where the mind can stretch out.

I want to thank Heidi for giving my little show here legitimacy. This is the second time that she has lent her open mind and credible name to my cause. We collaborated on Cathedral Park Jazz Festival and she nearly joined the InterArts board of directors before I went the opposite direction and dissolved it.

She is a giving person and a good friend. Truth be told, we met when technically everything in her life was going great, but she admitted to some kind of void. Now that I see where she is at today and talk directly, I think she has filled the void and has become a fountain of creativity for others.

The same person who lived in a fairly upscale home, wearing suits, sipping wine, going to brunch, now lives in an airstream in the desert, wears overalls, scavenges for trash, and lets the dust gather in her hair. She seems totally free.

We skimmed the surface of what is going on there in Yucca Valley from a social, economic point of view, as well as from her professional development. But from what I see, it’s all on the up and up.

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