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Intro to Held Gear

Intro to Held Gear video.

This video was kind of an accident. The producer of a fashion show that I participated in called “Red Carpet on Broad Street” came over to shoot a promo. She wanted to make promo video of every designer. I offered my camera and editing. Scheduling and timing just didn’t click, so I took what we had to make this.

It’s basically an intro to Held Gear, as it is now. As time passes, the narrative about myself taking it over will be less and less relevant. It still feels weird.

This is a brand I’ve worn for 12 years, I’ve wanted to be involved with it but never expected to be passed a hot potato.

The work is challenging and never ending. It’s like always being behind, until you realize that you’re the boss and nobody is expecting what you are. It’s just step by step. One day at a time.

There is so much going on in the background of doing this project. For one thing, I am new in town. I am a socially awkward rather introverted person. I have a way of performing for the camera, for the audience, but I can also choke that when the introversion kicks in. It’s a tight rope always.

Philadelphia is a place that doesn’t just embrace newcomers and people with bullshit on their sleeve. It has to be your heart. So I’ve learned.

The journey is only beginning, and there will be many more videos for Held to come. Thanks to Forest for kickstarting me back into photography and video editing. It’s wonderful, I love it.

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