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2013 Jazz Festival Interview with Oregon Music News

Video interview with Oregon Music News about CPJazz 2013.

Interview with OMN about CPJazz Festival 2013.

Sitting down with Oregon Music News man Tom D’Antoni to discuss the forthcoming and imminent 33rd annual Cathedral Park Jazz Festival. The year is 2013, and we are sitting in KMHD studios.

I am here 30 years old, but I haven’t aged a bit. Neither has that shirt, which I still wear.

This interview is me settling into my role as a leader. I started to feel comfortable with that, less and less imitating and more being direct.

Yet, this was the last year I would run the festival. I succumbed to burnout. Maybe I should have, maybe not. It definitely feels like a mistake in retrospect. Only you can conquer time, but only in the present, so that’s that.

This was a great festival. I still haven’t written a memoire on the jazz years, but it’s in the bucket list.

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