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Quiet Spirituality with Steve Simeone

Join Steve Simeone and myself for an hour of making religion fun again.

Steve Simeone is a religious man, and quiet about it. He doesn’t announce it and perhaps my show was a rare break from pure comedy, I don’t know. All I know is that he’s got that positive energy that I’ve never really had and it is something to behold.

We start with the fact that he’s from Delaware County, which is so close to Philly and so similar, we got to bond over that. I saw him do his Wawa bit in Royersford, PA, and it crushed. It is totally relatable and there is something about that place that puts everyone on their best behavior. It represents who we all should aspire to be.

Getting to talk with him was a big deal, he’s the most successful comic I’ve had on the show, broadly famous and well connected to my favorite comics. I tried to make this the most professional presentation of the Not-a-Podcast Show yet.

Audio bit me in the butt.

Even after setting everything up, I moved the laptop downstairs and there was an auto-switch to the internal mic of the laptop and I couldn’t hear it because these systems don’t give you direct monitoring of the output signal. As an engineer that drives me nuts.

So my good mic was not even the source, it became a prop. Ugh. Thankfully, I produce from a soundproof room, well padded, and the ambient noise is reduced to my creaking chair.

Not just that, but the background audio feature on the streaming platform cut off randomly just as I was about to do a fade in.

This blog is where I admit everything that went wrong and give a little personal side to things. Don’t take it as complaining.

However, it did step a notch up for this show and my process is working. I appreciate Steve for joining me. He’s the best.

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