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Somos Artesina – an Artist Profile

Watch my first THRU documentary since 2017 about Grupo ArtesinA.

Watch my first short documentary since 2017. Entitled Somos Artesina because I think it speaks directly to the content including their message. They are a Colombian-American couple and homeowners in Philadelphia. Together they call their brand Grupo ArtesinA. They tell their own story and it speaks for itself in six minutes.

Often, when an English speaking subject has imperfections or goes against a strong accent, the filmmakers will subtitle in English. I decided that if I was able to understand them enough to do the interview, then you would understand them, and the people who really needed subtitles were the spanish speakers.

This also gave them the opportunity to write their own subtitles to better articulate what they were saying. Because I am a spanish student, I was able to comprehend them and even edit a little bit.

The production was straightforward. First, I met them at home to capture their studio and conduct an interview. Then I captured scenes at Open Kitchen Sculpture Garden, both at a potluck and at their own garden brunch benefit for ProAnimal Sanctuary in Ecuador.

I also made a music video with the B-Roll. I wanted it to be gritty like those old music videos I grew up on. Because it’s getting harder to find free Creative Commons music, I am producing my own music for my video projects currently. That strategy will find its limit when I do larger projects, but I know musicians and it will be good to work directly in my network. That is what THRU is all about.

This is my first THRU project since shutting down the magazine and moving to Philadelphia in 2018. In 2017, I managed to land one commissioned project (that means it paid) and completed some really good work that ran in rotation at Open Signal television channels across the Portland metro region.

I’m basically picking up where I left off, hoping to lift off. Your support is much appreciated at the value for value page.

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