The Not-a-Podcast Show Video

What Makes a Socialite with Kristin

Interview with liberty Twitter influencer Kristin about social dynamics.

Kristen is @CallMeK1123 on Twitter, she has nearly 20K followers and it’s simply because she speaks her mind and is relatable to many people. She is an influencer in the conservative side of my online network, but more anti-establishment than MAGA.

I invited her on the show and when she asked what we’d talk about, I said we’d learn about her, but I’ve been thinking a lot about how social dynamics are changing, especially in dating and gender dynamics. We’re about the same age range, so our perspective would better line up.

She doesn’t bring her family into Twitter, so I wasn’t aware that she was married with several children. Moreover, she’s always posing gym selfies, which is a single girl thing to do, but not limited to them. Turns out she works at the gym.

Maybe I’m just looking for someone to talk to about my difficulty dating right now. I’m really in a rut, in many ways a rut of my own creation.

Kristin was born and raised in a south Louisiana Christian home, but she doesn’t have much of an accent. She lives in the area she was raised now and focuses on raising her family. Still a Christian, and living traditionally, she doesn’t project that on others and doesn’t really judge people for their path.

I assumed not only that she was single, but that she had some experience with livestreams, but this was her first one. She was nervous, and that made me nervous, plus her wifi was bogged down by family video streaming, so the show is a little bit tense, and once again, I fall back on monologue.

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