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The Genesis of Forest Mommy

It was fun to talk with Forest Mommy, but it was a bit disastrous. At the beginning, I’m fidgeting with my angle because the lighting is off balance — it is too easy to accentuate my nose. After I handle that, her internet gets progressively worse.

My goal at the beginning was to clear up some general information, maybe take a little mystique out of her character. We got into it, but the internet was such a drag that we agreed to cut it short and try again later.

After the talk, she tagged me in a yoga demonstration video referencing our conversation, where she called me “O’Grady,” but it was still sweet.

Then we did a part two. This one was better, but I have to admit, there must be something up with my own streaming service. It is delayed and choppy, but we hold it together.

She’s my buddy and my crush, it’s a sweet thing. I have already been on her channel since and she wants me as a regular, so this post is both the genesis of Forest Mommy and a beautiful friendship.

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Nice to see this woman not ranting about how the govt is the source of all evil but has no alternative to govt which she views as all worthless

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